A producer for television and the stage for over 25 years, his main activities have mostly been within the comedy field. He is one of the producers of
LOL :) and has also been Vice-President of Production at Groupe QuébéComm (Galas du Grand Rire, Comédie Club, Complexe G).

He has produced many recordings of renown Quebec stand-up comics, as well as the full-length feature Nos voisins Dhantsu. He has also developed a vast expertise as a producer for hidden camera shows like Les cousins du vrai monde, Au-delà du Réal, and Surprise sur Prise, as well as for adapting foreign productions such as Working GirlsMrs. Brown’s Boys and Catastrophe.

LOL :)

LOL :) is an original series of visual comedy sketches without dialogue that last from 30 to 90 seconds. Created in a cinematic format, LOL :) explores several universes that are all crazier than the last. The series is shot in natural surroundings, highlighting the territories it explores.

For its first six seasons, the bold team of LOL :) travelled to Switzerland, Morocco, Mexico, Utah, Dominican Republic, Greece, Cuba, and different areas in Quebec in order to create a variety of hilarious sketches that stand out due to their exceptional quality.

LOL :) stars actors Réal Bossé, Martin Drainville, Sylvie Moreau, Julie Ménard and Antoine Vézina.

LOL :) will unquestionably surprise you and take you on a journey. An original homegrown series that shines in over 120 countries internationally!

LOL :) is a creation of Pierre Paquin and Denis Savard.

LOL :) is a production of Production LOL, a member of Groupe QuébéComm.