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Le temps qui court

Lise Dion is in better shape than ever in Le temps qui court, the third show of her career staged by Michel Courtemanche and applauded by over 365,000 spectators! Along with explaining what she did during her six-year long absence from the stage, Lise offers updates on Marcel and her teenagers… who actually aren’t teens…
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Madame Lebrun

1R2D serves up a Quebec version of famous British sitcom Mrs. Brown’s Boys, created by Brendan O’Carroll for the BBC. Filmed in front of a live audience, Madame Lebrun tells the story of a typical Québécois family, which is controlled by an atypical mother, Germaine. [clear] Broadcaster Super Écran (Bell Media) Production year 2015 Format 25…
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Au delà du Réal

Au-delà du Réal is an uninterrupted flow of short clips, crazy ideas, and brilliant silliness that keeps the audience on its feet. Réal Béland, the most unpredictable of comedians, is full of surprises. Réal is bold and reinvents the art of the practical joke. The “Au-delà du Réal” series serves up numbers that will entertain,…
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